Tool LEZYNE C02 Blaster Tubeless Kit

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This innovative 2-in-1 cycling CO2 dispenser and tubeless tire repair kit simultaneously inflates and seals tubeless tires. It's built from machined aluminum construction, which is both lightweight and highly durable. A hardened steel reamer scours the hole, inserts the plug, and inflates the tire for an efficient and rapid repair. A CNC-machined twist knob manually controls release of CO2 gas. The aluminum canister holds the five included tire plugs and safely stores the reamer when not in use. High quality tire plugs aggressively seal holes that are too large to be sealed by sealant alone (hole size varies from tire to tire). A sleek, compact design comfortably fits in your pocket or straps to your bike.

Note: Sealing performance may vary based on puncture size, tire size and tire pressure.



WEIGHT: 63 g (No CO2)







12.09.2019 - [Tested] Lezyne Sendit Caddy / Tubeless CO2 Blaster -

Through a really smart design, Lezyne managed to squeeze quite a few features into an all-in-one setup. The black canister houses 5 spare plugs and covers the awl so it doesn’t stab anything that it’s not supposed to. The inflator has a dial, so you can modulate how you exhaust the’s an inflator, a brilliantly thought out plug kit (that works better than most any other minimalist combo options) and tidy storage for spare plugs.


4.13.2019 - Sarah's Friday Randoms - Sea Otter 2019 - Sarah Moore,

"Lezyne came up with the concept for this tire plug/CO2 blaster combo a couple of weeks ago and, in record timing, expect it to be ready to purchase within the next month. Lezyne machined their existing Tubeless kit repair to integrate seamlessly with their trigger drive CO2 inflation. The kit has 5 plugs and a 16g CO2 canister. Use the tire plug and inflate all in one!"


4.19.2019 - Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster fills and plugs your tire in one move - Zach Overholt,

"Housed in a protective tube, the Tubeless CO2 Blaster is an extension of their [Tubeless Kit] which adds a CO2 inflator to the plugger tool.Add a tubeless plug to the tool, insert it into the hole in the tire, and let ‘er rip on the CO2 inflator. The CO2 goes into the tire, and the plugger prevents it from leaking out. Then when you’re done inflating it, you pull the plugger from the tire leaving the plug in place, filling the hole."