Chain KMC 12-Speed DLC 12 SRAM 126L

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Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN) Tech


Enhancing resistance to wear and


friction. Less friction is a central


facet to drivetrain efficiency which


allows for smoother shifting and


chain interaction with all drivetrain






Shield Riveting Tech


A reinforced pin design that utilizes a


patented riveting process to expand pin


surface and create the highest pin


power to prevail against heavy loads


and stressed shifting conditions.


High Alloy Steel Material


Made from a special alloy steel composi


tion, DLC reduces chain elongation, thus


prolonging drivetrain life.




Diamond Durability


Similar to the creation of diamonds in


high temperatures, DLC attains sophisti-


cated chain roller and pin hardness


through a unique thermal treatment to


create advanced "diamond" durability for


elevating friction resistance.






and Optimal Chamfering Design


Ensuring the best shifting performance,


100% compatibility, and non-directional








Size: 1/2" X 11/128"


Chain length: 126 Links


Connector: Missing Link 12/CL552




SRAM and all other 12 speed drivetrains


Durability factor:


Please read the enclosed instruction


manual carefully