Bottom Bracket Conversion Kit CHRIS KING Fit Kit #4 for 24mm Cranks

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Why We Make It


Chris King Fit Kits make that magical, love connection between your cranks and our legendary bearings.  


Why You Want It


Your Fit Kit extends the useful life of both your bottom bracket and your cranks, it reduces the potential for noise, and it also allows you to use one bottom bracket with a wide array of cranks, if that’s your jam.


Fit Kit #4 (PBB084) for cranksets with 24mm spindles.


Fit Kit #6 (PBB086) for SRAM GXP cranks.


For use with ThreadFit™ 24, ThreadFit™ T47 24i, ThreadFit™ T47 24x

68mm, 73mm, 73mm SB+, 86.5mm, 92mm, and 92mm SB+ BB shells.

Small Parts Kit (PBB010) for 68mm shells with 24mm spindle MTB cranks.


1mm spindle spacers x8

0.35mm spindle spacers x3

2.5mm cup spacers x2