Dropper Seatpost BRAND-X Ascend II Tr Black with Lever

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Brand-X Ascend II Dropper Seatpost (105,125,150)


Available in 105mm, 125m and 150mm travel options, the Ascend II mountain bike dropper enables you to quickly and reliably adjust your saddle height without interrupting your pedalling flow. Offering smooth and consistent operation, this budget-friendly component will put you in the perfect riding position for tackling every section of the trail.




Externally Routed Dropper Seatpost


Building on the success of the Ascend Dropper Seatpost, this aluminium dropper post is available for those who have a rig without internal cable routing: Brand-X is bringing affordable and reliable dropper posts to the people! With infinitely smooth adjustments and an ergonomic lever that can sit on the left or right of your cockpit, the Brand-X Ascend II Dropper Seatpost is the upgrade that your bike needs. To avoid cable movement/pull, this dropper seatpost’s cable is actuated from the mid-cap and delivers consistent performance.




Please Note: The 31.6mm and 30.9mm diameter options come with the 1x Shifter Lever and the 27.2mm option comes with the 2/3x Paddle Lever. The 27.2mm size also has a 2-piece saddle clamp so the saddle will sit slightly higher than on the 31.6mm and 30.9mm options.






Material: T6-6061 Aluminium


Compatibility: Frames that do not have internal dropper post cable routing


Bar mounted remote lever and cable operated external routing (included)


Linkage mechanism eliminates any outer cable pull


Zero offset, one-piece head/upper shaft with micro adjust clamping mechanism


Length: 390mm


Travel: 105mm


Cable Length: 1.5m


Finish: Sand blasted and hard anodised


Warranty: 2 years


Not suitable for internal routing use


Lever Clamp Diameter: 27.2mm


Rider Weight: Min: 50-55kg; Max: 120kg


Weight: 605g (30.9mm) without cable and paddle shifter (90g)






Colour: Black


Size: 390mm


Option: 1x Lever


Length: 105mm


Material: Aluminium


Diameter: 27.2mm