Saddle BIKE YOKE Sagma 142mm

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Because of the many technologies featured, SAGMA is no unlikely to be the most advance bicycle saddle you can currently find on the market.

Not only the patented rail suspension and the new foaming technology and Skin cover, but also the super short overall length are ahead of the competition.



However, saddles are still and will always remain a very difficult thing to recommend, simply because when you sum it up, a saddle has to fit your ass. Period.

The most expensive saddle can be useless, if it doesn't fit your personal requirements. 

Due to the advanced foam technology and the suspension rail design, our saddles can already cover a wider field of requirements and will fit more riders comfortably, yet, we are offering SAGMA in two different sizes to allow even more customization: 130mm and 142mm width.

It is really hard to give absolute correct sizing recommendation, because there are too many factors to take into account. 

However, if you are focussing on gravity riding (e.g. Enduro, Freeride, DH) and spend a lot of time out of the saddle, then the 130mm version is the one you should opt for, as it gives you more leg clearence on hard and long descends.





SAGMA Features:

Rail Suspension Design 

idbeads™ foam technology with low speed rebound properties

PU-Skin covering

Carbon reinforced shell

Exchangeable shock absorber units with different hardness

Aluminum rails 7x9mm (high-oval)


​SAGMA weights:

130mm: 225g

142mm: 227g



One retail set SAGMA includes:

1pcs SAGMA saddle with 2pcs shock absorbers "regular" installed

1pcs shock absorber "soft"

1pcs shock absorber "hard"

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