Tyre Sealant VITTORIA Universal Tubeless

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Liquid sealant for instant puncture repairing.
To be applied inside Tubeless bicycle tires or inside bicycle inner tubes only.


  • Natural Latex Free so no risk of allergic reaction.
  • Ammonia free.
  • Fast action.
  • For road (40 ml) and mtb (80 ml) tires.
  • Seals up to 7mm holes instantly (MTB).
  • Seals up to 5mm holes instantly (Road).
  • Shelf life of 26 months from date of production.
  • No Balling in the tire after riding.
  • Excellent air retention.
  • Can be air shipped safely.
  • Excellent puncture sealing performance up to 1200 km.
  • Recommended top up every 3-5 month depending on riding environment, temperature or after having cycled over 1200 km.
  • Won't freeze up to -15° degrees Celsius.