MTB 29" BH Lynx Race Carbon RC 6.0

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This is the bike for you if

The MTB-XC Lynx Race is an agile, lightweight and top-performing bike that competes in the XC World Cup. Its Split Pivot system guarantees maximum pedalling efficiency with a suspension system that works constantly and progressively.

Its unique technology is

The Lynx Race bike with 100mm-120mm travel for XC and Marathons was built using HCIM carbon moulding technology that is used in BH Bikes’ high-performance road frames. It incorporates Toray T1100 and T800 carbon fibres.

It’s different because

It incorporates a technology for monocoque frames that applies high pressure in the mould to reach the highest levels of compact material and eliminate inconsistent pressures in the frame that create bubbles and imperfections. This manufacturing system allows control and optimisation of the ideal thicknesses on the different parts of the frame.




GEOMETRY & 100 or 120 mm

Achieve the best balance between aggressiveness and stability. To do so, we have extended the reach to between 10 and 20 mm, the steering angle is between 68º and 67º, with short chainstays of 430 mm that maintain agility on ascents and descents.

Because we use the “Metric” standard, the Lynx Race offers 100 mm or 120 mm of travel, maintaining the same level of anti-squat - ensuring pedaling efficiency - and brake squat - ensuring an outstanding braking performance.