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Schwalbe bicycle inner tubes: the right bicycle tube for your needs

The bicycle tube usually only gets attention when it suffers a puncture or loss of air. However, hidden under the tire casing and rim, it is constantly working hard. The bicycle tube withstands stress, pressure and temperature fluctuations, even in long-term use, and plays a key role in ensuring riding comfort, safety and grip.

Schwalbe bicycle inner tubes are highly durable and provide lasting puncture resistance with the best riding characteristics. Low weight, high dimensional stability and optimum rolling resistance characterize all bicycle inner tubes from Schwalbe. Whether you are looking for a bicycle tube for demanding tours with a mountain bike, extended city tours or steep climbs with a road bike: Schwalbe is your professional in the field of bicycle tubes. Discover the different material properties of Schwalbe bike tubes and find the right tube for your bike.

Butyl bicycle inner tube

Butyl is a synthetic rubber that is characterized by its excellent air-tightness and elasticity properties. This makes butyl an ideal material for bicycle inner tubes, which should have resilience, puncture resistance and riding comfort. Schwalbe butyl bicycle inner tubes provide above-average protection against punctures and prevent unwanted air loss under load. Their uniform and robust wall thickness and best material properties make them the proven standard choice for all requirements. Choose your bicycle tube made of butyl with desired valve and size and enjoy lasting optimal riding comfort on all tours.

Usually, there are 2 types of valves - Schrader / American Valve (AV) & Presta / French Valve (FV) and they come in sizes from 33mm - 48mm for BASIC tubes.