Tyre Foldable 700c VITTORIA Corsa N.EXT

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High Level Rider’s choice!


Racing inspired speed and feel, with the everyday durability of nylon construction


New combination of Silica and Graphene compound for improved rolling efficiency, grip and longer wear-life.


Nylon casing provides durability, for daily racers who want to raise the bar of their performance relying on a long-lasting tyre.


Proven tread design used by Vittoria teams in the World Tour.




Speed and reliability for riders pursuing a new performance level

Corsa N.EXT is the exciting new addition to the Corsa family. Designed to satisfy the requirements of enthusiast cyclists who clock up the miles on long and demanding weekly rides, Corsa N.EXT combines Vittoria's peerless knowledge of racing performance with the durability of a long-lasting nylon casing that uses a unique Silica and Graphene compound for improved rolling efficiency, grip and longer wear-life. To increase puncture protection, the central section of the casing features 3 layers of nylon as well as an additional puncture protection belt. Corsa N.EXT is the first road racing tire to feature a QR Code - printed on the tire hot patch - for easy access to useful technical information about the tire.


Center Tread | Spaced directional grooves for a wide contact surface. Rolling efficiency and speed during fast paced rides.

Side tread | Closely spaced directional grooves. Enhanced grip and handling while cornering.

Graphene Compund | Top speed & puncture resistance + Silica Compound | High grip & longer mileage

Protection Belt | Superior puncture resistance 

Nylon Casing | Extended durability 

Bead Shield | Extra protection

Zylon Bead | Easy fitting & Air retention

Re-usable packaging 








CONSTRUCTION Nylon 2 PLY/ 200 TPI Casing



MOUNTING & MAINTENANCE Tubeless Ready for Hooked Rims only




Road Foldable tyre Tubeless Ready Tube typefor Road Bike