Tyre MTB MITAS HIGHLANDER Downhill Supra Max textra+

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The Highlander is built for the toughest Enduro and Downhill courses. With 4-ply construction including TEXTRA + protection the carcass is designed for stability through the hardest turns and biggest drops, while maintaining optimal pliability for maximum traction and feel.

The angled and opposing tread pattern is designed to allow maximum adhesion from the 2.45″ wide footprint, while cleaning out extremely quickly in damp to muddy conditions.



Unique combination of two compounds – well-proven CRX compound in the base and center of the tread pattern and low-rebound compound DEAD for side figures. This blending provides high structural strength and enhanced resistance to abrasion in the centre as well as excellent adhesion and traction of side figures. EDC is optimal for extreme riding in harsh and rugged terrain.


The DH Supra Max is a four ply construction with 127 TPI (threads per inch) resulting in an extremely strong yet super supple construction. Featuring Mitas’s renowned Tubeless Supra bead and non porous construction the DH Supra Max is the ultimate in tubeless ready tire for extreme riding.


An extremely durable rubberized fabric with high-density polymer threads, protecting the entire carcass from bead to bead of a tire. Its excellent elasticity characteristics and negligible weight maintain outstanding riding properties of the Tubeless Supra and Downhill Supra Max tires. Textra+ technology ultimately increases resistance against cuts and abrasion. Such tires are primarily intended for riding in roughest terrains where they provide both superior reliability and ultra high performance.

DH Supra Max 29x2.45 1180g

DH Supra Max 27x2.45 1120g