Tyre MTB MITAS Scylla TD TL Supra

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If you need a universal tire, then you don’t need to search
any further - SCYLLA TD is the right choice for you. All-purpose and fast tread
pattern is suitable for medium-heavy terrain with a harder surface. In
combination with the dual compound it gives you reliable support while riding
with plenty of grip even in a traverse or sharp corners. Optimally designed
height and positioning of pattern figures brings all you need at once: low
rolling resistance, speed, traction, both great acceleration and braking. An
ideal choice for most tracks in Cross Country.


Textra dramatically increases resistance against sidewall cuts
and abrasions, increasing strength and durability without significant weight
addition. Textra tires are primarily intended for riding and racing over severe
terrain where they provide both superior reliability and ultra high

An extremely durable rubberized fabric combined with
high-density polymer threads, protecting the entire sidewall and bead area. Its
excellent elasticity characteristics and negligible weight ensure outstanding
riding properties of the Textra equipped Tubeless Supra.

This is the genius of the Textra tires –
greater protection, but preserving the supple performance of the 127TPI
casing. – Flow Mountain Bike

Tubeless Supra sets itself apart
from the competition by providing trouble free installation, easy
inflation and maximum air retention, coupled with a light-weight, high
performance carcass. No other tubeless ready system can boast all these
properties. Designed for use with a tubeless sealant the Tubeless
Supra is a high performance, easy to use, mess free tubeless system.


Technical data

ETRTO Alternative Size Construction Tread Compound Technology Weight (g) Sidewall Category

66-622 29 x 2.60 TUBELESS SUPRA CRX-dual compound TEXTRA 1160 Black MTB

66-584 27.5 x 2.60 TUBELESS SUPRA CRX-dual compound TEXTRA 1130 Black MTB

62-622 29 x 2.45 TUBELESS SUPRA CRX-dual compound TEXTRA 1080 Black MTB

62-584 27.5 x 2.45 TUBELESS SUPRA CRX-dual compound TEXTRA 1050 Black MTB

57-622 29 x 2.25 TUBELESS SUPRA CRX TEXTRA 720 Black MTB

57-584 27.5 x 2.25 TUBELESS SUPRA CRX TEXTRA 620 Black MTB

57-559 26 x 2.25 TUBELESS SUPRA CRX TEXTRA 550 Black MTB